Homestead Presbytery
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To manage and disseminate mission resources within Homestead Presbytery, by authorizing and overseeing Ministry and Mission (M&M) task groups and other appropriate agencies within presbytery.
The Program and Grant (P&G) committee functions on behalf of Homestead Presbytery and shall report to presbytery as appropriate. The committee will provide representation to Presbytery Council, and be guided by its recommendations.
The Committee Shall Consist of the Following:
1. Six members appointed to the committee by Homestead Presbytery election, upon the recommendation of the nominating committee. Additional members may be co-opted by the committee moderator to assist the committee in achieving its goals.
2. A moderator from among committee members, appointed by Homestead Presbytery election, upon recommendation of the nominating committee.
P&G Tasks:
1. Evaluate and authorize M&Ms on an annual basis.
2. Supervise M&Ms for operational effectiveness and accomplishment of ministry.
3. Allocate and monitor funding of M&Ms and other appropriate agencies.
4. Allocate funding for grant applications from individuals and churches within Presbytery.
5. Advocate on behalf of M&Ms for presbytery funding and other support.
6. Explore needs for new and emerging ministry within Homestead Presbytery.
7. Seek new ministry leadership as needed
8. Terminate M&Ms as ministry needs change or actions are ineffective.


Current Members

Class of 2018
Nancy Field-Term 1
Mike Hill-Term 1
Class of 2019
Tad Hunt-Term 1
Kris Brammer-Term 1
Class of 2020
Jim McNeal-Moderator-Term 1
Sarah Gengler-Term 1