Homestead Presbytery

New Worshiping Communites

New Worshiping Communities


1. Delegation of Duties:Understanding that church in our changing culture takes on varied forms, the Standing Committee on New Worshiping Communities, Church Development and Redevelopment seeks to make and renew worshiping communities in Homestead Presbytery as they seek to form disciples of Jesus Christ through
      -Worship gathered by the Spirit to meet Jesus Christ in Word and Sacrament.
      -Community that practices mutual care and accountability while developing sustainability in
       leadership and finances.
2. Membership on the committee shall be as follows: a total of seven (7) ruling and teaching elders under the guidance of the Homestead Presbytery policy on representation. The committee moderator will be elected from among that number and be a member of council.
3. Oversee development and redevelopment of new and existing worshiping communities establishing their identity as members of the larger Presbyterian Church (USA) worshiping community.
4.Familiarize all committee members with the PC(USA) information on New Worshiping Communities and Homestead Presbytery's redevelopment process.
5. Develop a discernment process for all new worshiping communities.
6. Oversee the redevelopment process currently in use in Homestead Presbytery.
7. Approve and Recommend to Business and Finance Committee of Homestead Presbytery all financial requests of both new worshiping communities and church redevelopment projects.
8. Provide a liaison to new and redeveloping worshiping communities within Homestead Presbytery.
9. Recommend to Presbytery administrative commissions to act as session for new worshiping communities that are not a ministry of a Homestead Presbytery congregation's session, such commissions shall be composed of five members. A quorum of the administrative commission is a majority of members.
10. Approve and recommendation to Homestead Presbytery of all new worshiping communities within the bounds of Homestead Presbytery. Determination of new worship communities shall be based on the General Assembly definition of a new worshiping community.
                                                                                                    (from HP Minutes 11/19/2015)


Current Members

Class of 2018
Sarah Gengler-Term 1
Vacant-Term 1
Class of 2019
John Duling-Term 1-Moderator
Kylie Meter-Term 1
Class of 2020
Gary Heusel-Term 1
Darin Bentzinger-Term 1
Edward Yang-Term 1