Homestead Presbytery




1.      Shall coordinate the mission and the program of the presbytery

2.      Shall be responsible for long range planning, goals, and policies of the presbytery

3.      Shall have the authority to find calls in order, to approve and present calls, to approve the examination of ministers transferring from other presbyteries and to dismiss ministers to other presbyteries, providing that all such actions shall be in consultation with the Committee on Ministry and reported to the next stated meeting of the presbytery.

4.      Shall nominate for election by the presbytery the members and the moderator of the presbytery nominating committee.

5.      Shall propose the docket for stated meetings in consultation with the stated clerk, Presbytery Moderator, and Executive Presbyter.

6.      Shall develop and recommend to the presbytery annually a financial budget that supports the mission and program of the presbytery.

7.      Shall receive and provide for the study of proposals from individual churches and make recommendations to the presbytery for appropriate action.

8.      Shall receive and provide for the study of overtures from the General Assembly by a special committee whose membership shall include all commissioners and youth advisory delegates elected by the presbytery to the most recent General Assembly and Synod Assembly, with either of the General Assembly commissioner’s action as convener. Said committee will bring recommendations to the presbytery for appropriate action.

9.      Shall review and update the Homestead Presbytery Manual of Operations every third year.

10.  Shall provide oversight for presbytery publications.


Current Members

Raymond Meester-HP Stated Clerk
Cheryl Rennick-HP Treasurer
Leanne Masters-Presbytery Moderator
Jeff Warrick- Council Moderator
Jim McNeal- PGC Moderator, COM Moderator
Kathleen Splitt- CPM Co-Moderator
Brian Johnson- CPM Co-Moderator
Carl Eskridge-PER Moderator
Steven Piper-COM Moderator
Scott Eveland-B&F Moderator
John Duling- NWC Moderator
Members At Large
Julie Hopp-2018-Term 1
Dave Barnhouse-2019-Term 2
Joan Berglund-2020-Term 2