Homestead Presbytery



A. Membership shall be as follows:
four people, one of whom shall be the moderator, elected by the presbytery upon recommendation of the nominating committee, with consideration given to Article V.B. B.
1. Review and administer personnel policies of presbytery.
2. Develop and review position descriptions for staff of presbytery.
4. Conduct performance reviews of executive presbyter annually.
5. Implement a plan for equal opportunity employment consistent with the principles of inclusiveness of the PC (USA).
6. Administer a process of job classification and compensation. Salaries for executive, administrative and program staff positions will be determined on the basis of relative responsibilities required.
7. Administer a process for the reimbursement of employee related expenses.
8. Administer a process of continuing education consistent with the needs of presbytery, and the career goals of the employee.
9. Provide employee benefits consistent with the goals and financial capacity of presbytery.
10. Administer a procedure for resolving job related problems.
11. Make available to employees a copy of presbytery’s personnel policies and procedures. 



Current Members:

Class of 2018
Pam Carrier-Term 1

Class of 2019
Melodie Jones-Pointon-Term 1

Class of 2020
Carl Eskridge-Term 1-Moderator