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Homestead Presbytery
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Committee on Ministry

Committee on Ministry

The COMMITTEE ON MINISTRY has 18 members, between teaching and ruling elders, one of whom shall be the moderator. Committee responsibilities include looking over the terms of calls of teaching elders; to examine, receive or dismiss teaching elders from the presbytery membership , as well as giving them authorization to labor within or outside the bounds of presbytery; Each member will visit particular sessions or congregations that have struggles or to simply conduct a pastoral visitation. This should be done every 3 years.

The committee is also responsible for the annual review of session minutes and records. If a congregation has no pastoral leadership, the committee will appoint moderators for sessions. The committee shall administer the Personal Assistance Fund for ministers, and the Ministry Support Fund for churches.



Current Members

Class of 2019
Alan Brehm-2nd Term
Suzanne Byler-1st Term
Alex Currie-1st Term
Karen Moritzl-1st Term
Steve Piper-2nd Term
Linda Steele-1st Term
Teri Wendel-2nd Term
Class of 2020
Staci Bogle-2nd Term
Sue Coller-2nd Term
Patricia Dutsako-1st Term
Steve Niles-1st Term
Charity Potter-1st Term
Class of 2021
Bob Burdett-2nd Term
Kristi Hill-2nd Term
Jim Splitt-2nd Term